Those with ADD Problems Would Love A Career In Concrete Construction

Attention Deficiency Disorder, also known as ADD, is a mental condition where people often distracted by other things and don’t pay enough attention to their jobs. Though this condition is predominant in aged people, many children and adults have also been diagnosed with ADD. 

In fact, according to ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), 8 million adults have been diagnosed with ADD.

Workers with ADD problems and their common strengths

Many workers having ADD often find it difficult to perform their day to day duties and sometimes also end-up losing their jobs. However, it has to be noticed that people having ADD have some unique strengths. Though these strengths vary from person to person, they can prove to be invaluable if they choose the right career path.

Some of the strengths that ADD workers possess are:

  • Passionate
  • Intense
  • Lightning fast
  • Creative
  • Love challenging tasks
  • Risk-taking ability

Why ADD workers lover careers in concrete construction? 

The concrete construction industry is one such career path where most of these strengths can prove to be invaluable. Below mentioned are some reasons why people with ADD problems can have a successful career in the concrete construction industry.

  • It is fuelled with passion (helps ADD workers concentrate)
  • It is a high-intensity job requiring perfection (this keeps ADD workers on their toes)
  • It offers hands-on creativity (keeps ADD workers more involved)
  • It also offers new challenges with diversified tasks such as working on patios, pathways, interiors, wall decors, pools, fireplaces, floors, etc. using different patterns, designs, colors, and textures.

Concrete construction industry understands ADD workers

Employers and supervisors in most concrete construction companies are aware of ADD and know how to help them stay focused on their jobs. They understand that ADD workers are equally intelligent, if not more, than the others and can perform crucial tasks under the right guidance. 

Great concrete construction supervisors come up with plan for each day and set ADD workers with short goals and targets so they won’t get distracted. They also supervise them periodically to see how they are going. This may seem time-consuming, but given an ADD individual’s strength of performing the job they love with greater intensity and passion can only help the organization develop in the long run.


Most jobs in the concrete construction industry, more or less, need most of the unique strengths that ADD workers possess. Each of these strengths can be a perfect fit for different roles within the industry which can help the workers having ADD problems achieve optimum productivity. ADD workers having a few or all of the above-mentioned strengths are bound to succeed in concrete construction, and this is the reason they love to be a part of this industry.