Mental Health Can Be A Tough Topic

Over the years, mental health has always been a tough topic to talk about. There is so much negative stigma around the mental health topic that talking about it itself is considered a taboo. There are various reasons why people are so overwhelmed to talk about their mental problems, even with their loved ones.

Mental health problem – What is it?

When people are talking about mental health, they are expressing about how they feel, think, and how they are dealing with various problems they are facing in their everyday life. It is normal for people to feel sad, happy, worried or angry every now and then. However, when these feelings just don’t go away, that is when mental health problems arise and start affecting your day to day life. 

Why is it so hard to talk about mental health problems?

Depending on an individual’s personality, there can be different reasons why people find it hard to open up about their mental problems. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why many people, especially teenagers, don’t open up.

  • They are afraid that other’s might think they are weird
  • They are afraid that they might be treated differently
  • They are afraid that others may spread rumors
  • They fear that other’s might think it’s silly
  • Some fear that other’s might make a big deal of it

Yes – The taboo still exists!

Yes, the taboo hasn’t been completely removed yet. 

Employees still fear to ask their boss for a leave because they are feeling depressed. They are afraid that their career will be at risk or they might end up losing their jobs. 

A family member is still afraid to discuss his/her mental problems with their loved ones over dinner. This is because, they are afraid that even if they tell a trusted person about their mental health, he/she might not know what to say. They are afraid that they would be pushing the other person into an uncomfortable zone.

Deeper into mental health problems

No one wants to make their loved ones feel uncomfortable. No one will want to discuss their mental problems, especially, when they know that the other person can do nothing about it. When all these kinds of thoughts come into mind, people think it is better to be silent. These are also some of the reasons why people don’t discuss their mental problems openly.

So, what’s the solution?

If you are afraid to talk about your mental problems, just write them down and pass it down to whomever you trust. This way, others will get more time to emphasize your mental condition and will be able to provide you with a proper solution.

If you are afraid that by opening up, your mental condition may get publicized, you can consult a certified psychologist who is bound to keep your information confidential by law.  

You have to remember that not talking about your mental problems until they get saturated can lead to serious consequences such as committing suicide. Hence, it is always advised that you act in time and talk to someone you believe in. Once you express yourself, you will find out how light your heart begins to feel.