I Talked To My Concrete Employees Yesterday To Make Sure They’re Doing Ok

I, being the owner of a Rancho Cucamonga concrete contractor, take the utmost care of my employees in every aspect, especially their health. I am not only concerned about their physical well-being, but I am also worried about their mental health as well. 

As you all know the concrete industry has some of the toughest jobs. It demands a lot of physical as well as mental toughness. It involves a lot of risks, especially while removing a driveway. Little negligence can lead to damage of the valuable property of not only the owners but also the neighbors. Sometimes, not paying enough attention may even cost lives.

Hence, I always make sure that my employees are very attentive while performing their jobs. To ensure this, I always talk to my employees to see if they are OK.

My Perspective on a Concrete Service Employer – Employee Interaction

From my personal experience, I understood that not all workers having mental problems open-up. This can be dangerous not only to their health but also to the health of the organization as a whole. But, how to know if an employee is having mental issues if they don’t tell you? Over the years, I have found these symptoms to be predominant in employees having mental health problems.

Some of the symptoms of an employee-facing mental challenge:

  • Frequent mood shifts
  • Erratic behavior with peers
  • Deterioration in performance
  • Being unable to socialize or work in teams
  • Short term memory loss
  • Being unable to concentrate and 
  • shifting topics abruptly 

Above mentioned are only some of the signs I have personally observed, there may be others as well. However, if you find any of such unusual signs in your employees, as a business owner, it is your responsibility to help them.

This is the reason I make it a point to talk to each of my employees privately at least once a week. Even today I spoke to them. This has helped me develop a kind of friendly rapport with my employees and they now freely express themselves without being overwhelmed. Here’s what I do to help my employees resolve their mental problems. 

Know mental health awareness

I try to spread mental health awareness among my employees every now and then. I also share my own mental problems and how I overcame them. Try doing it, and this will definitely help them open-up.

Talk to them privately

If an employee wants to share his grief with you, talk to them in private and not in front of other workers. Take him or her to place where there is no disturbance and let them express themselves.

Listen carefully

 Every individual’s mental problems are different. Do not jump into conclusion just because it is a common problem and you have heard it before. I personally focus more on my worker’s personality than their problem so I can suggest a solution that best suits their individuality. 

Encourage them to take help

In cases where your advice isn’t enough to improve the mental health of your employee, encourage them to take professional help. I support my employees who want to seek professional help by granting them paid leaves, flexible shits and in some cases, leave of absence as well.

Hope you have found my advice helpful. After all, a company’s productivity is directly proportional to an employee’s prosperity!