As A Concrete Company Owner, Make Sure Your Employees Have a Place To Go For Mental Help

Mental health problems at the workplace have become a major concern for companies in the recent past. Research shows that one in every seven employees in the US suffer from one or other kind of mental problems such as ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression among others.

Unlike physical health, mental health problems do not surface easily. Many workers choose not to talk about it for the fear of being bullied by their colleagues, risking their promotions, or even worse, losing their jobs. Workers not being upfront about their mental problems will not only make them suffer but will also make the company’s overall productivity suffer. 

Under these circumstances, it is imperative that business owners of concrete companies find the right solutions and resources that can address the mental health issues of their employees. As a concrete contractor, one has to be wary of the mental health of employees. Business owners have to make sure that their employees have a place to go for mental help if need be.

Ensuring Your Employees Have Accessible Mental Health Help

Below mentioned are a few ways in which business owners can support their employees to improve their mental health.

Appoint A Full-time Psychologist

Business owners having a reasonable budget should look at appointing a full-time psychologist. The clinic may be located in the company’s premises or a place nearby that is easily accessible to the employees. Also, health policies should be in such a way that the consultations remain strictly confidential. Such policies will encourage the employees to seek counseling more freely as it will remain anonymous.

Hire A Psychologist on A Contractual Basis

Business owners that are on a limited budget may want to hire a psychologist or a clinic on a contractual basis. However, they should make sure the services are available on a regular basis. Being available for at least twice a week can be helpful. Again, management has to make sure that the details of the employees seeking mental help remain confidential.

Educate Managers and Supervisors

Small business owners, who cannot afford a full-time Psychologist, can still help their employees resolve their mental problems. Arranging mental health training for managers and supervisors with professionals, encouraging them to attend seminars and to enroll in online mental health courses are a few ways to can help managers learn and understand mental health problems. 

Scheduling employees to attend one-to-one counseling sessions with trained managers or supervisors can resolve at least a few mental issues of the employees, if not all. Critical cases can then be referred to a certified psychologist.  

Other Ways to Help Employees Mental Health

Apart from physical counseling, there are other ways in which business owners can help their employees having mental problems. Below mentioned are a few of them:

Increase awareness

Business owners should try to increase mental health awareness among their employees by providing them with access to online resources and courses.