Construction Is Good Job Type For Those With Mental Health

The number of suicides pertaining to mental health problems and depression has become prevalent in the recent past, especially in the construction industry. However, these numbers are now slowly decreasing due to the increasing awareness among employers as well as employees. Thanks to the construction industry which has initiated mental health awareness programs on a large scale basis aiming to improve the mental health of their employees.

Today, the construction industry has become one of the safest places for employees having mental health problems to work for. Many people think that only top-level executives and office workers are the ones who are prone to mental problems as they tend to bring home their workplace issues. 

However, this is not entirely true. Even blue-collar employees’ working conditions can induce unwanted stress on them and cause them to burnout.   

Construction Industry and Workers with Mental Health Problems

The construction industry is one of the first to recognize the kind of risk their employers are running in terms of increased suicidal tendencies and mental stress. Suicide is one of the leading causes of deaths for men in the US (in fact second) and the construction industry, as we all know, employs males predominantly. …

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