Make Sure to Check With Employees

this image shows the importance of checking in with employees

Working is good for health, but working in a negative workplace environment can lead to mental health problems. According to WHO (World Health Organization), the US economy has suffered a total loss of $1 trillion in productivity in 2019 alone due to workers facing mental challenges such as depression and anxiety. 

Commonly Reported Problems

The most commonly reported problems according to the WHO’s report were harassment from the management and bullying of co-workers which have had a significant impact on employees’ mental health. The above stats show how important it is for a business owner to make sure that their employees are doing fine. They should regularly monitor their employees to find out if there are any mental health risk factors that are restraining their employees from working to their full potential. 

Below mentioned are some mental health risk factors to be considered: 

  • Insufficient and improper health policies
  • Inadequate safety measurements
  • Very limited or no communication with top-level management
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Limited or no control for employees over their work area
  • Rigid  working hours with no flexibility
  • Unclear instructions, limited resources, and unrealistic deadlines

Apart from the above, mental health problems may also be caused due to the amount of risk a job demands. Some jobs such as first responders, firefighters, humanitarian workers, etc, involve high personal risk than others and can lead to mental disorders. In order to negate such risks, an employee may use harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs which can be devastating for both the employee and the employer.…

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I Talked To My Concrete Employees Yesterday To Make Sure They’re Doing Ok

I, being the owner of a Rancho Cucamonga concrete contractor, take the utmost care of my employees in every aspect, especially their health. I am not only concerned about their physical well-being, but I am also worried about their mental health as well. 

As you all know the concrete industry has some of the toughest jobs. It demands a lot of physical as well as mental toughness. It involves a lot of risks, especially while removing a driveway. Little negligence can lead to damage of the valuable property of not only the owners but also the neighbors. Sometimes, not paying enough attention may even cost lives.

Hence, I always make sure that my employees are very attentive while performing their jobs. To ensure this, I always talk to my employees to see if they are OK.

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As A Concrete Company Owner, Make Sure Your Employees Have a Place To Go For Mental Help

Mental health problems at the workplace have become a major concern for companies in the recent past. Research shows that one in every seven employees in the US suffer from one or other kind of mental problems such as ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression among others.

Unlike physical health, mental health problems do not surface easily. Many workers choose not to talk about it for the fear of being bullied by their colleagues, risking their promotions, or even worse, losing their jobs. Workers not being upfront about their mental problems will not only make them suffer but will also make the company’s overall productivity suffer. 

Under these circumstances, it is imperative that business owners of concrete companies find the right solutions and resources that can address the mental health issues of their employees. As a concrete contractor, one has to be wary of the mental health of employees. Business owners have to make sure that their employees have a place to go for mental help if need be.…

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Those with ADD Problems Would Love A Career In Concrete Construction

Attention Deficiency Disorder, also known as ADD, is a mental condition where people often distracted by other things and don’t pay enough attention to their jobs. Though this condition is predominant in aged people, many children and adults have also been diagnosed with ADD. 

In fact, according to ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), 8 million adults have been diagnosed with ADD.

Workers with ADD problems and their common strengths

Many workers having ADD often find it difficult to perform their day to day duties and sometimes also end-up losing their jobs. However, it has to be noticed that people having ADD have some unique strengths. Though these strengths vary from person to person, they can prove to be invaluable if they choose the right career path.

Some of the strengths that ADD workers possess are:

  • Passionate
  • Intense
  • Lightning fast
  • Creative
  • Love challenging tasks
  • Risk-taking ability

Why ADD workers lover careers in concrete construction? 

The concrete construction industry is one such career path where most of these strengths can prove to be invaluable. Below mentioned are some reasons why people with ADD problems can have a successful career in the concrete construction industry.

  • It is fuelled with passion (helps ADD workers concentrate)
  • It is a high-intensity job requiring perfection (this keeps ADD workers on their toes)
  • It offers hands-on creativity (keeps ADD workers more involved)
  • It also offers new challenges with diversified tasks such as working on patios, pathways, interiors, wall decors, pools, fireplaces, floors, etc.

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Mental Health Can Be A Tough Topic

Over the years, mental health has always been a tough topic to talk about. There is so much negative stigma around the mental health topic that talking about it itself is considered a taboo. There are various reasons why people are so overwhelmed to talk about their mental problems, even with their loved ones.

Mental health problem – What is it?

When people are talking about mental health, they are expressing about how they feel, think, and how they are dealing with various problems they are facing in their everyday life. It is normal for people to feel sad, happy, worried or angry every now and then. However, when these feelings just don’t go away, that is when mental health problems arise and start affecting your day to day life. 

Why is it so hard to talk about mental health problems?

Depending on an individual’s personality, there can be different reasons why people find it hard to open up about their mental problems. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why many people, especially teenagers, don’t open up.

  • They are afraid that other’s might think they are weird
  • They are afraid that they might be treated differently
  • They are afraid that others may spread rumors
  • They fear that other’s might think it’s silly
  • Some fear that other’s might make a big deal of it

Yes – The taboo still exists!

Yes, the taboo hasn’t been completely removed yet. 

Employees still fear to ask their boss for a leave because they are feeling depressed.…

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After Work, Spend Time by the Lake, River, or Beach to Relax

this picture shows spending time by the beach after work

In today’s busy world, everyone is so immersed in their work that they even hardly have time to breathe. All those busy schedules, meetings, deadlines, commuting, etc put a lot of stress on the brain causing it to heat up and finally resulting in burnout. The best way to keep your brain cool and unwind yourself after a busy day at work is to spend some time by the lake, river, or beach and relax for a few minutes.

How Staying Near Water Can Help Our Brains

Well, when we are surrounded by the water, it imposes a kind of calming effect on our brains. Let’s just say, it sends our brains on a vacation and prevents it from getting over-stimulated. Looking at the clean blue waters and listening to the soothing sound it makes rejuvenates our mind and body. It sends us into a kind of trance where the brain changes the way it thinks and processes our thoughts. It helps us awaken our creative side of the mind.   …

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