After Work, Spend Time by the Lake, River, or Beach to Relax

this picture shows spending time by the beach after work

In today’s busy world, everyone is so immersed in their work that they even hardly have time to breathe. All those busy schedules, meetings, deadlines, commuting, etc put a lot of stress on the brain causing it to heat up and finally resulting in burnout. The best way to keep your brain cool and unwind yourself after a busy day at work is to spend some time by the lake, river, or beach and relax for a few minutes.

How Staying Near Water Can Help Our Brains

Well, when we are surrounded by the water, it imposes a kind of calming effect on our brains. Let’s just say, it sends our brains on a vacation and prevents it from getting over-stimulated. Looking at the clean blue waters and listening to the soothing sound it makes rejuvenates our mind and body. It sends us into a kind of trance where the brain changes the way it thinks and processes our thoughts. It helps us awaken our creative side of the mind.   …

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